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By Marvelyn Sabundo

Determined. Dedicated. Passionate. These are just few of the words that would truly describe him. He is a son of a farmer and a teacher. Belonging to a big family, he grew up and finished his bachelor’s degree as working student at Divine Word University to support his needs, without bothering his parents that much. He has learnt to be a disciplined and a responsible man, despite the adversities in life and the temptation around.

Though he did not plan to be a politician, it seemed like it’s his calling when it was already his father’s last term being a mayor. Idolizing his father as a principled man, he has internalized his love in serving the people, and could not say no to his request as his successor.

He finished his three terms, then a younger brother succeeded. While taking a break in politics he ventured in landscaping for this man also have a “green thumb”. He has proven that when he made Leyte, Leyte “The Cleanest and the Greenest Town in the whole Philippines. The following election he came back and once more a mayor, but he lost his candidacy on the second term. Despite his loss, He never stopped serving the people. He could hear their cry and grief. Meantime he worked as an administrator at Ormoc District Hospital, Ormoc City and was a big help to the Leytenos.

With his passion to serve, he once more succeeded in his candidacy. The people must have missed him and put him back into office. Yes, you got it right! He has returned. Ladies and Gentlemen, his grand comeback, our Municipal Mayor, honorable ARNOLD JAMES YSIDORO.

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